Asscher shaped rings are as they normally go with the usual diamond design are ideal if you want to go with unique designs. Asscher shapes are for more than a century was a popular choice. Due to its cut engagement ring, they will be given to a whole new level of sophistication.

If you want to choose stylish and exclusive engagement ring (different from the traditional round or oval cut engagement rings) asscher shape is the best choice for unique preference.  If you are looking for, be careful not to walk the road less traveled. Asscher shaped diamonds speaks for itself and grab all the attention with extremely distinct shape.

Asscher shaped rings were established in 1902 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and were the Joseph Asscher’s invention. This was easily cut stone is a popular art deco jewelry designed. Asscher shape existing diamond cutting diamond cut that time very different. The company has been the most popular part of this design is closed until the great depression in the 1930s. 15 years after the great depression, the company was re-opened and a large stone diamond table, asscher shaped corners redesigned and made smaller.

Asscher shaped ringsare good choice for antique diamond engagement ring settings. You can find asscher cut diamond engagement ring in an antique setting inspired by the Art Deco style in particular. If art deco style jewelry, classic designs, such as memorabilia, this is a good option as never go out of style. Looking for the perfect vintage asscher shaped engagement ring you must be patient, because this style will not be easy to find a ring always easy.

Typical asscher shaped rings have similar shape to octagonal shaped diamond but it looks like a square with cut corners. This all diamond cuts available in the market makes it unique. Such an engagement ring is still a popular choice today. Due to its unique design, this diamond cut engagement rings can easily be added with vintage and contemporary engagement rings.  Asscher shaped engagement rings with great art deco design will appear in trend.

The antique or vintage engagement rings go, you will find a number of high-quality of asscher shaped engagement rings the best you could cut diamonds. Because they're cutting contemporary mode, including multi-colored stripe, to give a sophisticated and modern look for smaller asscher diamond engagement ring now given a new twist.Then if you want a small and a larger view if you choose stone, mix with small round diamonds in pave settings mount. A group of small round diamonds set in pave setting center asscher cut diamond and enhance the unique shape allows also appear larger.

The hardest part of choosing the perfect engagement ring asscher cut likely to choose the best diamond quality. Because cut shapes of diamond depth more easily seen. This should be careful about choosing the right ring means and collusions so defects can be easily seen.Rings can be checked by a professional jeweler before deciding to buy.

Asscher shaped rings also have the right to cut metal band because you want to emphasize flexibility, but mostly diamond band just fine. Different colors (yellow, rose or white gold), you can also go for the gold or platinum group may also go for! A large stone, you are looking into getting a diamond comes asscher cut engagement ring settings, you can allow this light to come out of the ring would be best to go with prong settings. This is also seen as in other types of cut diamonds are prong set vibrating and setting asscher but most are the ones that let light diamonds.Asscher cut engagement ring is perfect for men and women with an elegant modern style. Even for everyday wear and can even use asscher shaped rings for formal wear.

Asscher Shaped Rings