An engagement ring setting despite the decline in popularity and, with the appeal of a solitaire is a classic public constant, unwavering. Fans of solitaire engagement rings clean lines, ring love or other central stone dazzling focal point is any small stones, to distract him.

Therefore, within your budget, choose a piece of jewelry that balances and the size and quality of a perfect balance, it is important that you will get extra help. Round brilliant cut diamond shaped due to their classic look and hot shine is the choice for most popular solitaire rings, although other shapes are beautiful solitary and usually offering more value. Square princess cut diamond round cut have a similar brightness, and are the second most popular form of. If you prefer smooth, clean lines, princess, asscher, or emerald cut diamond solitaire featuring. Emerald and asscher cuts less glittery, but emphasize a diamond clarity and cut way because most of the time they give a higher carat weight.

Solitaire engagement rings have many style and setting options in the region. A precious metal strip on top of the most popular options precision four or six teeth only with carefully selected diamond set, still tiffany-style setting. This sets the clarity hits you central bit of showing off to maximize the amount of light. However, some women have a profile as low as a frame set solitaire ring. Both types of settings are beautiful in their own way. Yes, solitaire rings design elegantly simple, but that doesn't mean that it's all the same. These rings can be classic, modern or totally unique. This solitaire ring styles six key categories include the following:

The most popular option of solitaire engagement rings is still the only dazzling diamond is usually a round brilliant diamond or a princess cut diamond set precision precious metals group, together with four or six teeth on the top of tiffany-style setting.

However, some women prefer a low profile as a ring with a solitaire frameset. Both types of settings are beautiful in their own way. Yes, solitaire ring design is elegantly simple, but that does not mean all the same. These solitaire engagement rings, classic, modern or be completely unique. This solitaire ring styles are six main categories:

Classic Solitaires

The most popular options are still dazzling diamond is usually a single round brilliant diamond or a princess cut diamond set with four or six teeth topped with delicate precious metal band.

Twisted Solitaires

Ever so slightly unique classic solitaire want, consider changing. Emerald cut diamond shape, you might consider a pear-shaped diamond or a cushion cut diamond. To select a colored diamond or a sapphire center stone for another option, or it can choose to upgrade to a more expected white and yellow gold and gold instead.

Modern Solitaires

If you want a more contemporary look, choose a stylish bezel setting. Or choose a style solitaire engagement ring with a broader band.

Unique Solitaires

This classic style really puts a contemporary spin to solitaire rings, consider a ring with a curved band.

Natura-Inspired Solitaires

Usually engagement rings with couples who love the outdoors, nature-inspired designs are interested solitaire.

Antique / Vintage Solitaires

Vintage style solitaire engagement rings are creating a stunning backdrop for a central, bands and hand-carved antique details such as the precise milgrain details. Consider selecting history on a one-of-a-kind solitaire. It has the most incredible lacy filigree and unique features you will not find anywhere else solitaires. These details enhance the beauty of the center diamond.

Because of their clean lines, solitaire rings to marry with almost every wedding band. If you learn to match an engagement ring as a solitaire get a little extra sparkle and you want to decide on a wedding band with diamond accent features or other precious stones. 

Solitaire Engagement Rings