Verragio engagement rings and wedding bands, platinum metals such as 18kt and 14kt, a wide range of handcrafted gold, rose and white gold and yellow gold. They are of high quality and beautiful all diamond shapes and sizes reveal inner radiance. Engagement ring and wedding bands are designed to be compatible collection. When designer of bridal jewelry, Verragio is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Elegant design details and the highest quality standards in the industry Verragio rings are manufactured with some fine work.

Verragio diamond engagement rings and wedding rings are about individuals for a good purpose all the attractive appearance. If a true one-of-a-kind ring (emerald, sapphire, ruby, or almost any color stone), you can customize a setting with emphasis on the stones. Verragio brand stands for high quality diamond rings sparkle with both engagement rings and wedding rings.

All Verragio engagement rings designed intricately detailed and meticulous. Well, lace, scroll to each Verragio ring signature. Possible diamond ring designs with metals (rose, yellow and white gold, as well as Platinum) only adds to the design possibilities for a variety of options and even complementary of be made appear color gold accents.

Dedication of a lifetime deserves a lifetime warranty.. Sure the ring would be perfect in every way so that all Verragio diamond engagement rings are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and a problem, do Verragio.

Verragio ring shiny appearance of the sleek design and craftsmanship, such as 360 degrees or Verragio guarantee to deliver what the love of couples are endless customization possibilities. Today one of the places to visit and consider the surrounding ring. Building starts every bit as unique. Before the big day, you can choose a beautiful engagement ring valued and best time to remember all your life collections.

Background of Verragio

Bridal designer Barry Verragio innovation, a master of nuances and fine details; separate men's and lots of things to set Verragio engagement rings and wedding bands for women. His jewelry designs are characterized by their high profiles and pieces carved in the side under unique. Verragio style luxury immediately recognizable elements from these unique markings with a number of labor, have made Verragio name synonymous with exceptional style and endless romance.

By the 1990s, Barry accumulated a wealth of experience in fine jewelry design and has developed its own control systems.  This facility is a unique control systems move the suspended Lumino name is used. In order to view the end of the brilliance and fire allow more light to enter the diamond providing stone. The success of the initial public Verragio bridal jewelry world has opened the way for many more to come began making his mark.

Verragio Ring Settings

Verragio engagement ring design philosophy revolves around creating an overwhelming presence in place to improve the overall appearance. Regardless of how detailed a center diamond setting is always the focal point. In total, all Verragio target specific market niches are 6 different collections. His innovative designs are handmade and evoke a strong sense of prestige.

Parisian Collection

Budget-friendly collections of vintage Parisian design Verragio engagement rings are the last line. This collection features 14K gold lies in its customizable shoulder and ring status.

Venice Collection

Venice Collection focuses on special ring side profiles. with extremely detailed craftsmanship and intricate details Venice designs are unlike anything you've ever seen.

Couture Collection

Verragio Couture Collection center is setting the mark with a crown-shaped frame has moved under the Lumina. The highlight of this collection is very colorful use of gold (white or rose) and a clean cut design focused.

Insignia Collection

If given Insignia collection of carefully decorated, delicate swirls and designs the brand made public Lumino setting properties. It looks to create feminine curves and fine details in very good use, find to be extremely elegant Insignia designs.

Paradiso Collection

Paradiso collection has an attractive scroll design for comfort. If you have an active lifestyle, the ring is a perfect place to start looking for this series. In my opinion, Paradiso design provides a nice combination of form and function.

Verragio Engagement Rings